Notice from Republic

City of Devine
303 South Teel Drive
Devine, Texas 78016
Phone: 830-663-2804
Fax: 830-663-2208

One Waste Wheeler $24.81
Additional Wheeler $12.50
Rural Residential $24.81

Your residential trash is picked up on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. The city trash pick up area is divided into three sections. Refer to our color coded  Trash Pickup Guide to determine which day your trash will be picked up.

Republic has allowed every household to use one 32 gallon personal trash can in addition to a waste wheeler or 5 bags of leaves only.

If waste wheeler is missing or stolen customer needs to file a police report and give us the report # to give to Alamo 1 before they can replace their trash can.

First Waste Wheeler $34.14
Additional Wheeler $12.50

Garbage Billing Rates

2 cubic yard 1/week $103.82
2 cubic yard 2/week $187.25
3 cubic yard 1/week $118.98
3 cubic yard 2/week $242.39
4 cubic yard 1/week $140.72
4 cubic yard 2/week $285.06
6 cubic yard 1/week $195.86
6 cubic yard 2/week $367.05
8 cubic yard 1/week $249.82
8 cubic yard 2/week $438.12
Extra Pickups (available on regular service days only)
Regardless of Size $98.84

Commercial dumpsters are picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays.

This is only for Residential Customers with Active Utilities

Brush collection will continue to be done the first three weeks of the month. However, brush pick up must now be called in to the City of Devine by Friday before 5:00 p.m. to be placed on the list. The brush pile must also be placed out by Friday and it must be bundled in 5ft lengths and not weigh more than 50 lbs. The pile cannot be more than 4 cubic yards (which is approximately 5x5x5). We do not pickup on Vacant Lots.

Brush pick up will begin on Monday of the first three weeks. This has changed from the Thursday pick up.

Please keep in mind the last day to call to be placed on the list has changed from Tuesdays to Fridays prior to pick up.


Bulk pick up will occur twice a year; notices will be posted in your Utility bill, our local newspaper and on our web site.

There are 5 dumps/landfills in the county operated by South Texas Refuse Disposal. You can call 830-426-4261 for more information.