Mayor and Council

City of Devine 303 South Teel Drive Devine, Texas 78016 Phone: 830-663-2804 Fax: 830-663-2208

The City is a General Law A Municipality with Government of a Mayor and Five Councilmen and/or Councilwomen.

Council Meetings are the third Tuesday of every month.

For more information contact City Hall, 303 S Teel, Devine Texas at (830) 663-2804.

Devine Mayor William L. Herring (C) 210-288-6588 (H) 830-665-6335 Entered office 05/18/2010 Term expires 05/16/2019 Councilman District 1 David Valdez (O) 830-663-2804 Entered office 08/30/2011 Term expires 05/16/2018 Councilman District 2 Steve A. Lopez (H) 830-665-2770 Entered office 05/20/2011 Term expires 05/16/2019
Councilman District 3 David Espinosa (O) 830-663-2804 Entered office 05/18/2014 Term expires 05/16/2018 Councilwoman District 4 Kathy Wilkins (O) 830-663-2804 Entered office 05/18/2010 Term expires 05/16/2018 Councilman District 5 Cory Thompson (O) 830-663-2804 Entered office 05/16/2017 Term expires 05/16/2019

Mayor & Council

City Officials and Council Members.

City Administrators Office The City Administrator directs the general operation of the City government in order to meet the needs of its constituents in accordance with policies established by the City Council.

City Secretary′s Office The Office of the Assistant City Secretary is custodian of all City records and maintains permanent files of the City business. This includes contracts, deeds, minutes of all City Council meetings, ordinances, and other official City documents.

Finance Office City Accountant is responsible for managing the city’s financial resources. This includes accounts payable, payroll, and cash management; administering the investment policies and practices to ensure a maximum rate of return on investments; ensuring that the assets of the City are adequately protected and providing regular financial reports to the City Administrator and City Council.

Council Meetings City Council Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

Election Information The City of Devine in conjunction with the Devine Independent School District hold Elections in May at City Hall. Elections are held every year on the second Saturday of May.

Boards and Commissions Meeting are held as needed for these Boards and Commissions. The Planning and Zoning Commission and Airport Advisory Board meet in the Council Chambers. The Library Board meet at the Driscoll Public Library.