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AACOG Texas Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program (TEMAP)


NEW: Final Adopted Budget for FY 2023-2024

NEW: Final Amended Budget for FY 2022-2023

Public Notice – City of Devine Texas CDBG Program

City of Devine – Emergency Management Committee

Fair Housing Notice

Notificacion de Equidad de Vivenda

City of Devine, Texas Notice of Intention to Utilize Power of Eminent Domain to Condemn Hangars 8, 8A and 10 of The Devine Municipal Airport for Public Use

Click here for the Mobile Food Unit: Ordinance No. 8-22 Amending Regulation of Mobile Food Units

Implementation of Stage 3 Critical Period

The Edwards Aquifer has implemented STAGE 3 CRITICAL PERIOD MANAGEMENT in the San Antonio Pool, effective June 14, 2022. We are asking the citizens of Devine to start conserving water by watering early in the morning or at night. We also suggest that you check for any leaks around the house as well as for hung toilets that may be leaking.  The City will continue to keep you updated on any further changes on the water restrictions. Edwards Aquifer Authority – Implementation of Stage III
Click here for a The City of Devine’s Stage 1 & 2 Water Restrictions: Stage 1 Water Restrictions March 9, 2022 and Summary of Devine’s Stage 2 Water Use Restrictions Effective April 11, 2022

Devine 2022 CCR Report

Animal Control

Devine Animal Control is in need of blankets and large towels, not just during the cold months, but throughout the year.  In addition to providing extra warmth when needed, they are used for injured pets, female dogs or cats in heat and for any other need that arises.  To address a misconception, the City has always had electric heaters on separate thermostats for each one of our 12 Kennels.  We also have two spare heaters and thermostats.


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TCEQ Permit Renewal


Agenda Regular Meeting November 21, 2023


Welcome to the City Of Devine

Along with seeking creative solutions to the challenges facing our City, we want to increase public understanding of our procedures and encourage public participation in all matters affecting our citizens.


Devine – Small City – Big Heart – Great Future

Devine is a small community that offers the country life. The City name “Devine” is known for the slogan “The Name Says It All”. Devine is known to be a Divine Place to live.


 Devine was established in 1881 as a result of the rail extension of the International-Great Northern Railroad from San Antonio to Laredo.The town was named after Judge Thomas Jefferson Devine from San Antonio, who was a jurist and an attorney for the railroad. Devine was incorporated on October 15, 1907. The town’s close proximity to San Antonio has made it a choice location for those wishing to live near the city, but who still want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere that a rural community can bring.


Thomas Jefferson Devine

The 2010 Census shows Devine with a population of 4,350.







The City of Devine operates a Council/City Administrator form of Government. The City is a General Law A City. The City Council consists of one Mayor and five Council Members. The City Council makes policies, approves ordinance and approves the annual budget. Regular Council Meetings are held every third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at City Hall. Occasionally, Special Meetings and Budget Workshops are held.