New Residents
Devine is a small community that offers the country life. The City name Devine is known for the slogan “The Name Says It All”. Devine is known to be a Divine Place to live in.

Trash and Recycling
Trash pickup and yard-waste disposal are handled through the Devine’s waste-hauling contractor, Alamo 1.

Garage/Yard Sale Info
Temporary sales are any offering of goods, wares, merchandise or other personal property for sale to the general public on a residential premises, as an intermittent activity, including but not limited to garage sales, patio sales, yard sales, and all other onsite sales that are not the usual and customary source of that person’s livelihood.

Emergency Management
Emergency Management is to develop an emergency management plan for any disaster that could happen in our city.

City Park
The Mission of the City of Devine Park is to provide a safe, clean, attractive facility for our community and visitors for leisure play and relaxation.

City Directory
You can search our City directory for the department or individual you need to contact or you can submit an online form at our contact form page.

 Citizen Guide A-Z

Driscoll Public Library
The mission of the Driscoll Public Library is to serve the people of the Devine community by providing the materials, facilities and personnel required to meet the cultural, informational, and educational needs of the community with the resources made available; and to utilize these resources in a most prudent and fiscally responsible manner. Come join our educational programs.

Community Center
The mission of the City of Devine Community Center is to provide an event center on a for-rent basis for various events such as meetings, conferences, trade shows, dances, banquets, fundraisers, birthday parties, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, reunions and other large hall facility events in an effort to support our community’s event center requirements.

Utility Department
The mission of Devine Municipal Utilities is to provide reliable utility service for our owners at the lowest reasonable cost; to maintain and operate facilities that will assure safe, dependable electricity, potable water and wastewater treatment, giving due consideration to conservation and environmental impacts; and to plan for the future to assure adequate resources with progressive but sound economic reasoning.