Public Works

City of Devine
303 South Teel Drive
Devine, Texas 78016
Phone: 830-663-2804
Fax: 830-663-4550
Public Works Hours of Operations
7:00 am – 4:00 pm Emergency service 24 hours
Call 830-663-2804 

Director of Public Works: Pete Sanchez 16 years of City Service
Superintendent of Public Works Simon Davila 12 years of City Service

Public Works Department phone lines are answered by the Medina County Sheriff’s Office
after 5:00pm Monday thru Friday, weekends and holidays.


The Public Works consist of a Well Yard, Wastewater Plant, and Mechanic Shop. Number of employees employed under this Department is 14 employees that include the Director of Public Works and the Superintendent of Public Works.

The Public Works Department is to construct, operate, maintain and repair the city’s infrastructure including Water Distribution, Wastewater Distribution, Streets, Sidewalks, Curbs, Drains, Right-of-Ways, Traffic Control Systems and Signage, Buildings, Parks and Other Public Structures and Facilities.


The function of the Water Distribution is to maintain, repair and rehabilitate the City’s Water Distribution System. This system is composed of water wells, water storage tanks, high pressure pumps, mains valves and fire hydrants. This system delivers safe drinking water to the public for human consumption and provides adequate pressure for fire protection.

Jobs performed under The Water Department:

  • Repair Water Breaks and leaks on city lines.
  • Maintain the City’s Fire Hydrants.
  • Install all new Water Taps and Services.
  • Read all Water Meters for Billing.
  • Complete all necessary State Reports required.
  • Complete all necessary Report for the Edwards Aquifer.
  • Keep up with all Water Wells.
  • Respond to Work Orders generated by the Public for any Water concerns.
  • Respond to locating City Water Lines as needed.

View the Devine CCR Report 2021 here.


The function of the Wastewater Distribution is to treat and maintain this system for the purpose of welfare of the community. Our Wastewater Plant is an activated sludge process. Our Plant is maintained 24 hours 7 days a week. We have three employees that operate the Plant to ensure that it operates with no problems.

Jobs performed under the Wastewater:

  • Unstop Sewer stoppages.
  • Install New Sewer Taps and Services.
  • Respond to Work orders generated by the Public for any Wastewater concerns.
  • Locate Sewer City Lines.
  • Take daily samples to ensure accuracy in the levels of sludge.
  • Take samples of the sludge to the Laboratory to analyze to verify compliance with State and Federal requirements.
  • Maintain all the dry beds of sludge and dispose of it accordingly.
  • Provide treatment of wastewater collected to meet permit requirements.

The function of the Street Department is to maintain and repair the City’s Streets, Traffic, and Street Signs and Drainage Facilities.

Jobs performed under the Street Department:

  • Patch potholes.
  • Resurface street by an overlay.
  • Repair and replace street signs.
  • Respond to Work orders generated by the Public to ensure the safety of the community.
  • Mow/weed eat all City right-of-way and City properties.

Public Works provides a list of streets that council reviews and then selects streets to be overlay-ed for the current fiscal year.


The City maintains one small Park located at Windy Knoll and Colonial.

Jobs performed at the Park:

  • Mow/Clean the Park.
  • Water Grass, Trees and Plants.
  • Repair all Play Equipment.
  • Remove any Graffiti from Equipment, Tables and Pavilion.
  • Provide litter control twice a week

Visit out City Park page for more park details. Please report needed park equipment and property repairs to City Hall at (830) 663-2804.

For any questions pertaining to Public Works you can call City Hall at (830) 663-2804.

Last Updated: January 11, 2023