City Park

City of Devine
303 South Teel Drive
Devine, Texas 78016
Phone: 830-663-2804
Fax: 830-663-2208

The Mission of the City of Devine Park is to provide a safe, clean, attractive facility for our community and visitors for leisure play and relaxation. Our park has 5 stand alone picnic tables spred out for picnics, restrooms, 2 sitting benches and large jungle gym covered by trees. No alcoholic beverages or glass containers are allowed in the park and pet owners must clean up after pets.

The park provides recreation services and greenspace to enhance the quality of life for our community. There are two parking areas at park and a bicycle parking rack.

Land for this park was given by Judge and Mrs. Joe E. Briscoe on November 1, 1988. 

Park is located at the intersection of Windy Knoll and Colonial Parkway.

Park pavillion can host many visitors for social gatherings and family outings and no reservations are required. First come, first serve.

Large jungle gym supplies
hours of fun for our youths.
The city park also has a large swing set, walking path which encompasses the whole park and large open playing area.

Come on out and enjoy yourselves.

The city has a second park “John Curcio City Park”. The park is located at the corner of Hester Ave. and Tilley Dr.

Come on out and enjoy yourselves.