Emergency Management

City of Devine
303 South Teel Drive
Devine, Texas 78016
Phone: 830-663-2804
Fax: 830-663-2208


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Emergency Notifications

Emergency Management is to develop an emergency management plan for any disaster that could happen in our city. A Plan has been established that addresses specific issues and conditions. The Emergency Management Coordinator is responsible for overseeing development and coordination of the disaster plans and to maintain an Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Emergency Management Coordinator: Christopher Andrews

Siren Alarm System
We are establishing a siren protocol to distinguish the different disasters. Once its up and running then we will post the protocols on this website.

We have established a Siren Testing for the 1st Monday of every Month at 12:00 Noon to maintain the operation of our system.

Emergency Management System
A system of organized analysis, planning, decision-making and assignment of resources to mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effect of all hazards that affect our community.

Principal Objectives
It is the responsibility of the city of Devine Emergency Management office to preserve, maintain, and/or reconstitute civic government ability to carry out the executive, legislative, and judicial process under the threat of occurrence of any emergency or major disaster that could disrupt normal daily operations.

Its primary day-to-day operation is to identify and to mitigate the effects of natural, technological, environmental emergencies in so far as possible by means of preparing for and responding and recovering from their effects on the community.

Goals of Emergency Management
To ensure the continuity of Government, to coordinate emergency preparedness efforts, to establish, coordinate, and manage the emergency operations center, manage effective and efficient recovery efforts of government, and maintain contact with the citizens its serves.