New Business Regulation

Business Regulation Information

The City of Devine welcomes new businesses into the City of Devine; however, in the interest of improving the quality of life in the city, and reducing burdens on the citizens of Devine, the City of Devine has adopted ordinances in addition to the state laws that regulate opening a business in Devine.


If you are considering opening a business in Devine, we encourage you to contact the Code Compliance Department during office hours, to allow us to assist you. We can provide information such as zoning regulations, floodplain boundaries, or information on a buildings prior use to help you select a suitable site for your business and help provide you with information that pertains to the type of business you would like to open. We can also help you in determining property ownership information if you would like to contact a property owner regarding leasing or purchasing property to open a business.


The City of Devine requires the issuance of a certificate of occupancy for a business to operate within the City. See “Certificates of Occupancy” under the Code Compliance Section of the City of Devine website for an application for Certificate of Occupancy, or contact the Devine Code Compliance Department during office hours. There is a non-refundable $92.30 fee to apply for a Certificate of Occupancy. If renovations, repairs, or alterations need to be made to the building, and this work requires a permit according to city ordinance, the fee for a Certificate Occupancy will be covered by the permits for the renovation, alteration, or repair.


The only other permit or license that the City of Devine requires for a business to operate is for business selling alcoholic beverages. A TABC permit must be obtained before you can obtain a city permit.


During the inspection for a Certificate of Occupancy, the property and building is checked for compliance with numerous city ordinances, including but not limited to, compliance with the zoning ordinance, building, electrical, plumbing and mechanical codes, applicable state laws, regulations, and licensing requirements. Keep in mind that special equipment or changes to the building may need to be made before you can open for business. This includes items like fire detection/suppression systems, grease traps, or the addition of an exit or restroom facilities to meet the ordinances required for the particular type of business you will be operating. All persons performing work on building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, or fire detection/suppression systems must have state contractor licenses in accordance with state law. A property owner or business owner does not qualify for an exemption from the state contractor licensing requirements. Also, keep in mind that the asbestos rules apply to all public/commercial buildings, including buildings with more than 4 dwelling units. See “Asbestos Information” on the Code Compliance Section of the City of Devine Website for more information on the Asbestos Rules.

For information on Tax Laws and requirements for operating a business, visit the State Comptrollers website at:

This website also has links for other state agencies for licenses, patents, copyrights, trademarks, and starting a business visit the Secretary of State website at:

Contact the Medina County Clerk for an Assumed Name Certificate for your business. Medina County Clerk (830) 741-6040 1100 16th Street Hondo, TX 78861

Here is a list of websites that may help with Starting a Business. You can also look at Small Business Assistance that is available.

Or one of the following websites for state licensing agencies, many of these sites have links to other state agencies that have state licenses and/or permits:

TABC (Alcoholic Beverage Sales)

TCEQ (Environmental Licenses and Permits)

DSHS (Health Services/Equipment/Supplies, Restaurants)

TDLR (Barbers, Cosmetologists, etc.)


For Complaints regarding persons operating without licenses, contact the agency that issues the required license.

For information on regulations to perform Building, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical (A/C), or Asbestos Surveys or Abatement, see “Contractor License Requirements” under the Code Compliance section of the City of Devine website.