City Ordinances

Ordinance No. 10-20 Appointing 6 Members to TIRZ Board of Directors

Ordinance No. 9-20A Authorizing Issuance of Tax Notes, Taxable Series 2020

Ordinance No. 9-20B Establishing Budget for FY 10-1-20 to 9-30-21

Ordinance No. 9-20C Levying Ad Valorem Taxes for FY 2020-2021

Ordinance No. 8-20A Amending No Parking Zones – Oak Hill Drive

Ordinance No. 8-20B Prohibiting Dumping on Streets

Ordinance No. 8-20C Amending Temporary Sales Ordinance

Ordinance No. 8-20D Prohibiting Use of Engine Compression Brake

Ordinance No. 8-20E Denying Rate Increase Filing by West Texas Gas

Ordinance No. 04-15. Amending Zoning Ordinance -r Carports

Ordinance No. 11-99-2 – Sign Ordinance

Subdivision Ordinance 6-5-17

Zoning Ordinance Part 1

Zoning Ordinance Part 2

Chapter 66 – Offenses and Misc Provisions

Building and Building Regulations Chapter 18