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City of Devine 
Animal Control
303 South Teel Drive, 
Devine, TX 78016                                                                                                                       
Phone: 830-663-4403
Fax: 830-663-4318
Click the link below to check out our Animals availableYou may also call or stop by to come see the many animals we have Animals for Adoption

Devine Animal Control is in need of blankets and large towels, not just during the cold months, but throughout the year.  In addition to providing extra warmth when needed, they are used for injured pets, female dogs or cats in heat and for any other need that arises.  To address a misconception, the City has always had electric heaters on separate thermostats for each one of our 12 Kennels.  We also have two spare heaters and thermostats.

Hours of Operation: Officers are on duty for emergencies seven days a week.

Monday – Friday

7:00 am – 4:00 pm


The office is open for

  • Adoptions
  • Reclaims
  • Animal Control needs

We are currently closed on  Weekends and Holidays.

After hours and weekend calls are answered by the Medina County Sheriff’s Office.

Check out who is available for Adoption here.

Pet Adoptions

Pet adoption is available on a first come basis. You must be at least 18 years of age.

The pet adoption fee is $135.00

Adoption package includes- Rabies Vaccination(if over 12 weeks of age), Spay/Neuter, Heartworm Test(if over 1 year of age), Intestinal Parasite Check, Deworming, DHLP vaccine (for Dogs), or FVRCP vaccine (for Cats).

If pet is under 1 year of age a series of the DHLP or FVRCP vaccine is recommended for the pet to build full immunity. Any additional treatments or vaccines are not covered under the adoption plan.


Animal Control Officers

                     Erik Hoofard
Alexa Garza

Money Donations Can Be Sent To:

City of Devine  “Animal Fund”

303 South Teel Dr.

Devine, TX  78016

Your Donations Pay For

  • Dog and Cat Food
  • Dog and Cat Blankets
  • Veterinary Care
  • Kennel Cleaning Supplies
  • Chew Toys

 Animal control does not accept personal checks for retrieving pets from pound. Cash and money orders are accepted

We attempt all possible avenues to adopt out dogs and cats.


Wild Animal Problems

Should you have wild animal problems (skunk, opossums, etc.), we have traps available to be set by our Animal Control Officers.

Lost or Found Animal(s)

If you have lost or found an animal Please Report it to an Animal Control Officer.

Should you have a pet that has been picked up by Animal Control Please Contact us to reclaim.

Animal Bites

Texas Department of Health regulations require that animal bites be reported to animal control within 24 hours of their occurrence.

Deceased Animals

Should you see a deceased animal on the roadway, report it as soon as possible so that it may be removed.

All animals available at the shelter can be located at the “Pets Available for Adoption” link above.

Animal Control Request for Services Form 

Please email forms to