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Temporary Sales Information

Code Compliance Department

Temporary sales are any offering of goods, wares, merchandise or other personal property for sale to the general public on a residential premises, as an intermittent activity, including but not limited to garage sales, patio sales, yard sales, and all other onsite sales that are not the usual and customary source of that person’s livelihood.

Residential premises are any property containing a residence and not otherwise being used for commercial purposes.

Temporary Sales Permits may only be issued to an adult who resides at the property where the sale will be conducted or is a representative of a non-profit organization that is hosting the Temporary Sale.

Permits must be displayed on the property and visible from the street or roadway.

Up to three persons or families who do not reside at the sale location may join in the sale, but must be named on the permit.

The sale of new items, any food items, or any items that were obtained by any means for resale are prohibited.

Sales are limited to daylight hours.

All Temporary Sales Permits are valid for no more than three (3) consecutive days, and shall be for the same days as shown on the application.

Four (4) permits, per calendar year, will be allowed for a temporary sale to be conducted at any one location, or address.

Once per calendar year, the City of Devine shall schedule a city-wide sale.  The city-wide sale shall not require a permit from the City and shall be in addition to any other sales allowed under our Code of Ordinances.

An application or request for a permit must be made no later than 12:00 noon two days prior to the requested starting date of the temporary sale.

The Temporary Sale Permit fee is $20.00. This fee is waived for charitable or non-profit organizations; however a permit is still required.

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